David Pt. II: Unvalentine’s Day

Today marks February 13th. Unvalentine’s day. The day I made up in my bedroom one night at the age of 16 when I had black construction paper and metallic colored pens. I made David an Unvalentine’s day card. But first, I should maybe give a little backstory.

So in Part I, I mentioned I met David through my boyfriend Lu. I don’t remember the specifics, but I broke up with Lu to be with David. Not long after dating David, Karma promptly bit me in the ass.

I suspected David wasn’t being true to me and a major factor about me, I don’t like playing the fool. Maybe this is why I can relate to Kathryn in Cruel Intentions.

Also, I am pretty savvy when it comes to the internet. I was of the era of dial-up internet and if there was an opportunity to be “surfing the web” or “chatting with strangers” I was doing it. I needed hard proof of David’s game before I could lay him over the coals for it. During this time, LiveJournal was the popular forum for disgruntled teens and we were all on it.

I knew, though, with LiveJournal you could screen your audience. So what did I do? I broke into David’s LiveJournal. Back then they didn’t email you to warn you someone was fucking with your account. His security question dealt with an Anime so all I had to do was google which character he was referring to in his security question. Bing, I was in.

So he did have posts, posts about kissing girls in the halls of his school, posts about spending time with one of his brother’s friend’s sisters. Everything I was searching for and suspected came to be. I hit the lotto, if the lotto was comprised of shit and heartbreak.

I changed his password to lock him out. After having gone that deep, I regret I didn’t make mockery of him with a scathing post about his character. But maybe I did and I just forget. I wouldn’t put it completely past me.

From that moment on, I made David’s life a living hell up until the time we reached 20 and gave up on the notion of being. His brother still hates me to this day. I’m the “Ice Queen.”

So yeah, maybe David wasn’t so innocent, but he was a teen just like me. I put him through the ringer. He did desire to be with me so much that even at 18 he bought me an engagement ring because he still believed we could work. He had my mom hold it for him until I came around. A bit later, my mom told him she didn’t think I was going to come around and gave it back to him. I didn’t find out about this until Nicole (David’s girlfriend of that time) and I were drunk on her 20th birthday, which means I was 22/23 and she starts apologizing for wearing “the ring.” I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Now we are in our 30’s. David is balding. I am doing whatever it is I do. He has a live-in girlfriend. And we text about random shit.

David was the second person I had sex with, but the first time I had sex with someone I was in a relationship with. I was his first. And for me, our history reads like a Shakespearean Tragicomedy.


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