David Pt. I

Once upon a time I was a depressed pubescent teen. For those who didn’t know me well, I was friends with all types of crowds and generally a caring and easily amused person.

One day on the bus coming back from school, I was sitting with one of my more bitchier girlfriends. Her name was Cassie and a new kid sat near us and attempted to talk to her. His name was Lu and he had spiky green hair. He was the type of kid to listen to The Ramones and think smoking cigarettes was an act of rebellion.

Unbeknownst to him, Cassie was a racist and wanted nothing to do with him since he was hispanic. So I watched thoroughly amused as Lu grappled to engage Cassie into conversation. You could imagine a young girl with a bad blonde dye job and slightly upturned nose giving generic one word responses. Eventually Lu got the hint and gave up. But that didn’t stop him from following me off the bus when my stop came up.

I asked him why he was walking me home and he said because I piqued his interest by how amused I was with his exchange with Cassie. I simply replied, “Yeah she’s kind of a bitch.”

“No kidding.”

Lu was on the hunt. He wanted a girlfriend and so he pursued me. I didn’t mind and was still amused with his antics so I eventually started dating him. It was one day where I was hanging out with him that we went to his friend Will’s house. I don’t remember where we were going, but Will was insistent that his brother David come along. David didn’t want to and I could hear Will pleading and saying things like, “You never leave the house.”

Lu started going toward the bedroom and I followed. David looked as we entered and that’s when I saw him. He was sitting at his desk playing EverQuest. He had long hair pulled back in a low ponytail. He was wearing a long sleeve black fishnet shirt and a pair of black JNCO jeans.

When he looked at me there was something there. That’s typically a rare occurrence as most of the time I have a tendency to just let people grow on me if they’re pursuing me.

David nonchalantly decided to come with us. Little did I know this was a beginning to a new story. I remember sitting in the back seat with Lu next to me and David on his other side. I noticed David’s pinky nails were painted black. He kept his responses short in conversation and his brown eyes were probably my favorite thing about him. I was crushing and I didn’t even know him.


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