Cruel Intentions

I have a confession. Well, let’s be real, I usually do. I think a lot of people do, in all reality. But eh, just go with me.

My all time favorite movie is Cruel Intentions. It tops Labyrinth, Nana 1 and 2, and The Notebook – which I think I have grown out of so it has possibly fallen from my list.

When the movie came out in 1999, I begged my mom to have it. I begged for a lot of things, really. She relented and I had my own VHS tape. I had a small white 14 inch TV/VCR combo which I conveniently placed at the foot of my bed and watched Cruel Intentions every night while I would fall asleep.

Looked similar to this.

Except the remote was small and white and matched the TV.

So I thought about the movie last night. It had been on Netflix, but you know how they are – things come and go and come again. I wanted to watch it so I went on my Prime. It was not available, but I could buy the movie to watch when I wanted for $6.99, so I bit of course.

I know there is a Cruel Intentions 2 and 3, but I haven’t seen those. To be honest, that could be a whole other topic for me because I tend to dislike copycats. I mean it’s quite rare for a rendition to be able to have the vibe and chemistry that the original created. Grease 2? Yeah, no thanks.

Something struck me last night that I didn’t think much of in the earlier 100 million times I watched this movie. I actually feel sorry for Kathryn at the end. In fact, not just at the end. Sarah Michelle Gellar totally nailed the character because when you watch it, you can see where Kathryn isn’t as steeled or malicious as she likes to put off. You can see she’s broken.

You could argue she caused Sebastian’s death, but honestly who could have predicted the car hitting him? You could argue she lacked all emotion when it came to his death. And I’ll say you got me there. She was completely unaffected during the day of the funeral, until she was found out. Until she saw what he wrote about her. Until she tearfully handed over her drug paraphernalia to the headmaster and saw the disappointment on his face. I can’t help but during that last scene of hers hope she got help. As weird as that sounds. But some of us are raised to believe not every story has a clean ending and it’s up to the reader/viewer to decide the character’s fate.

Cruel Intentions is all about an eye for an eye. It’s not about being the better man or taking higher roads. Even do-gooder Annette plotted and succeeded in ruining Kathryn. But that’s probably the only way to have gotten to Kathryn. She needed a dose of her own medicine.

Sorry if you haven’t seen this film. Spoiler Alert.

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