My world became too much. It started on Monday. I was at work, and then half way through my shift, I had to leave. I felt mental. So I went home and I cried. I felt the lowest I had in a long time.

I called out Tuesday and Wednesday for migraines. I scheduled an appointment to see my doctor. Before my appointment, I left the house to go take pictures. The featured image is mine.

Aptly, it features the sun peeking through the trees. Even when I was little, I always preferred the sun over the rain. The sun meant freedom to go play. I can remember when the clouds would gather before the rain came and I would stare out of my bedroom window feeling forlorn. In Virginia, once it began to rain, it would go on for hours.

I have a tattoo of a sun on my wrist. It is a reminder that at some point the sun will return. At some point, my feelings of despair will relent and let the sunshine in.


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