Counting the Chicks before they Hatch

I am in negotiations for a new Olympus Pen F camera. So I have acquired some real estate on the interwebz for where I will post my shots that I capture. I am using SquareSpace and I am excited by what they offer in terms of functionality and design. I am exhausted. And coffee is tasting … Continue reading Counting the Chicks before they Hatch

Severed Connections

In blogging, I have made a lot of meaningful connections. Some faded because I change my blog a million times and sometimes post too intermittently for anyone semi-sane to keep up. I have told raw stories of molestations and heartbreak. I have told stories from my childhood that were happy and some that were dark … Continue reading Severed Connections

I’m Going to be Hated for This: I Don’t Want to see Your Menses

That got your attention. Listen, if you so wish. I understand that we are women and hear us roar. I understand that when young girls hit puberty that we need to graciously discuss how normal it is that their uterus goes through a bloody massacre every 26-35 days, roughly. You know, cycles. Periods or Menstruation … Continue reading I’m Going to be Hated for This: I Don’t Want to see Your Menses

Partial Liebster Post

The Liebster award still goes around apparently. Who'da thunk? Well, I feel honored to have been nominated. Thank you kindly, Debora. I forget all the details that go into Liebster hopping, but I am just going to answer Debora's questions, create my own and then nominate my lovely blog peeps that I follow. Some of … Continue reading Partial Liebster Post

chug, chug, chug.

This little human being needs your good vibes, your thoughts, and your prayers. #ChugChugChug #StoriesBaby


The time is now,
and it is yours.
Wake up and
drink in dreams.
The world is
oh-so-full for you–
Joy is bursting
from the seams.

We’ve been saving
all the Stories
for you and
all your future friends.
It’ll make you brave
when the world cracks a bit,
because you’ll know
how quick it mends.

Fill yourself up
with our magic and love,
till you burp up
a world-wide hug.
Be brave, lucky one,
we’re waiting for you:
so chug,


Our beautiful #StoriesBaby and her mama and papa need your loving thoughts right now.   She needs to be eating more so she doesn’t get transferred to a hospital. When you’re in the right frame of mind to offer up good vibes and/or prayers– just remember this thought:

Dear #StoriesBaby, #ChugChugChug. We love you. Sincerely, The Whole World

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Coffee? Monster Energy? We’re all caffeinated here.

Good morning! It is Sunday and I am ... at work. I am lucky enough to have a job that affords me the ability to spend my entire Sunday at work. That's only half sarcasm because I really don't mind. Especially since I am getting paid to do whatever I want. Well, within limits. For … Continue reading Coffee? Monster Energy? We’re all caffeinated here.